Shopping Guide: Best Toys for 1-Year-Olds

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Are you looking for the perfect toy for your 1-year-old? Shopping for toys can be overwhelming, especially when you want to get something that will help your child grow and develop. Fortunately, there are many great toys out there that can help your 1-year-old learn and have fun. We’ve rounded up the best toys for 1-year-olds to help you find the perfect gift for your little one. From educational toys to fun play sets, there are plenty of options to choose from. Read on to discover the best toys for 1-year-olds!

Developmental Toys

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a one-year-old, developmental toys are sure to be a hit. Developmental toys for one-year-olds are designed to help with the important skills that your little one is starting to learn. From enhancing their motor skills to teaching them about colors, shapes, and spatial relationships, these toys provide entertainment and educational opportunities for your little one. When looking for developmental toys for one-year-olds, it’s important to choose toys that will be both fun and educational. Look for toys that are age-appropriate and that will help your little one develop the skills they need to grow and learn.

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Stacking toys, puzzles, and shape sorters are all great ways to help your one-year-old learn important skills while having fun. When choosing developmental toys, it’s important to consider your child’s interests. If they are drawn to animals, try getting a set of animal-themed stacking blocks. If they love music, get a toy piano or xylophone. If they are curious about the world around them, get an activity center that has multiple activities to explore.

It’s also important to consider the size of the toy when shopping for developmental toys. Make sure the toy is large enough for your one-year-old to handle, but not so large that it will take up too much space in your home. As your little one grows, you can switch out toys to ones that are more suitable for their age. Developmental toys for one-year-olds can be a great way to encourage learning and development. By choosing toys that are age-appropriate and entertaining, you can help your little one grow and explore while having fun.

So, don’t wait, get your one-year-old the perfect developmental toy today!

Building Toys

Introducing the best toys for 1 year olds! Building toys are an excellent way to help your child develop their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking. With a variety of building toys to choose from, your little one can explore and play in a safe and stimulating environment. From blocks and puzzles to construction sets and art supplies, building toys provide hours of quality playtime that can help them grow and learn. So give your one-year-old the perfect start to their educational journey with these building toys today!

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Shape Sorting Toys

When it comes to finding the perfect toys for a one-year-old, shape sorting toys are an excellent choice. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they also help to build important skills like problem-solving, fine motor development, and hand-eye coordination. By encouraging children to match shapes, they are also exposed to basic concepts like sorting and counting. Shape sorting toys provide hours of entertainment, making them a great way to keep your little one busy and learning.


Introducing the perfect way to stimulate the minds of your 1-year-olds: puzzles! Puzzles are an exciting and engaging way to help your little ones learn important problem-solving skills. Whether it’s a jigsaw, a shape-sorter, or a memory game, puzzles are sure to keep your 1-year-old busy and provide them with hours of fun. Not only will puzzles help your little one learn and grow, but they also provide an opportunity for bonding time between you and your toddler. So, why not introduce your 1-year-old to the wonderful world of puzzles and watch as their minds open up to the endless possibilities of learning and development?

Music & Movement Toys

Music and movement toys are an essential part of any parent’s toolkit when it comes to entertaining their one-year-old. Not only do these toys help your little one learn and explore, but they also give them the opportunity to move their body in a fun, safe way. From musical instruments to tiny trampolines, there are a wide variety of toys that will get your one-year-old up and dancing. Music and movement toys help your baby learn about cause and effect, and also provide a great way for them to practice their gross motor skills. When it comes to music, there are countless instruments to choose from.

Wooden xylophones, drums, maracas, and tambourines are a great way to get your baby tapping their toes and shaking their hips. You can also find musical toys with multiple instruments in one, so your little one can have an entire orchestra at their fingertips. For movement, a bouncer or jumper is a great way to help your one-year-old get their feet off the ground. Not only will they be able to practice their jumping skills, but they will also be able to interact with their environment. Rockers, walkers, and tiny trampolines are also great options for helping your one-year-old learn to walk and explore their world.

Music and movement toys are a great way to help your one-year-old explore the world around them. Whether you choose a musical instrument or a trampoline, you can rest assured that your little one is learning and having fun at the same time.

Drums & Xylophones

Introducing the perfect combination of fun and learning for your one-year-old – Drums & Xylophones! These toys are the perfect way to introduce your little one to the world of music and sound. The drums and xylophones come with a range of different sizes and styles to ensure there’s something to suit everyone. Not only will your one-year-old be having fun, but they’ll also be learning about sounds and tones as they explore the instruments. Plus, these toys are easy to store and transport, making them the perfect choice for fun on the go. So why not spark your one-year-old’s interest in music with these delightful Drums & Xylophones!

Music Mats

Welcome to Music Mats – the perfect toy for 1 year olds! Music Mats are designed to help little ones explore their creative side while having fun. The mats are made of a durable, soft material and feature a variety of colorful designs. Each mat has an easy-to-use music button that plays a different melody when pressed. Plus, the mats come with a variety of interchangeable pieces that can easily be attached and rearranged for a unique play experience. With Music Mats, your little one can explore their musical side while also learning about shapes, colors, and patterns.

Get ready for endless hours of fun and learning with Music Mats!

Musical Instruments

Introducing the perfect gift for the music-loving one-year-old in your life: musical instruments! With a wide variety of instruments to choose from, your little rockstar can explore the world of music and make their own joyful noise. From drums and xylophones to maracas and harmonicas, these toys will help them develop their fine motor skills and encourage creative expression. And, with a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, these instruments are sure to bring a smile to the face of any budding musician.

Role Play Toys

Role-play toys are an essential part of a child’s development, especially for one year olds. At this age, babies are learning all about the world around them and are eager to explore and express themselves. Role-play toys are the perfect way to help them do this. Whether they’re pretending to be a doctor, a firefighter, or a chef, role-play toys allow them to imagine a world beyond their own. Role-play toys are an important part of a child’s development because they encourage problem-solving skills, creativity, and social interaction.

They allow a child to explore different scenarios and roles while giving them the opportunity to practice communication and other social skills. In addition, role-play toys help them understand the world around them by allowing them to explore different occupations, stories, and scenarios. Role-play toys come in all shapes and sizes, from toy stethoscopes to toy kitchens and more. They can be used to help children learn about different occupations, practice social skills, and explore their creativity. The possibilities are endless.

Role-play toys also help children to express their feelings. From pretending to be a superhero to taking on the role of a caretaker, role-play toys allow children to express their emotions and feelings in a safe and controlled environment. They can also help children to learn the importance of self-control and the importance of following rules. Role-play toys are an invaluable tool for helping children to develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. They provide an opportunity to explore the world around them and create a safe space for children to express themselves.

With the right role-play toys, children can learn, grow, and develop in amazing ways.

Play Figures

Welcome to the world of toys for 1 year olds! Here, you’ll find the perfect play figures for your little one. Whether you’re looking for something traditional like a teddy bear or something fun and interactive like a wooden shape sorter, we have it all! Our selection of toys for 1 year olds have been carefully selected to help your child develop their motor skills and coordination, as well as their social and emotional skills. Plus, they are sure to provide hours of fun and laughter for your little one! So take a look at our range of play figures today and get ready to watch your little one’s imagination take flight!

Dress Up Costumes

Hey parents! Looking for the perfect dress up costumes for your little one? Look no further than our selection of toys for 1 year old! With our range of imaginative and fun costumes, your little one can explore their creativity and express themselves in a safe environment. From superheroes to princesses, animals to fairies, our collection of dress up costumes has something for everyone. So let their imaginations run wild and let them explore the world of dress up with our selection of toys for 1 year old!

Interactive Toys

When it comes to toys for 1 year olds, interactive toys are a must-have! Not only do interactive toys provide hours of fun and entertainment, but they can also help foster the development of important motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Interactive toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with some being geared toward younger children and others being more suitable for older toddlers. Most interactive toys are designed to help develop a child’s cognitive and motor skills, as well as their language and social development. Interactive toys can come in the form of puzzles, activity centers, or even electronic devices. Puzzles are great for helping to develop problem-solving skills, while activity centers provide plenty of hands-on activities.

Electronic devices, such as tablets and smart phones, can help to teach a variety of skills such as counting, colors, and shapes. When selecting an interactive toy for a 1 year old, it is important to remember that the toy should be age-appropriate and safe. Toys that are too advanced for the child can become frustrating and discourage them from playing. It is also important to remember that interactive toys should be engaging and fun for the child. Look for toys that have exciting sounds and lights, and that encourage the child to interact with them.

This will help to keep them interested and motivated. Overall, interactive toys are an excellent choice for 1 year olds. Not only will they provide hours of fun and entertainment, but they can also help to foster the development of important motor skills and problem-solving abilities. With a wide variety of interactive toys available, you’re sure to find something that your little one will love.


When it comes to toys for 1 year olds, the sky’s the limit! With a variety of toys, from educational to fun, there’s something for every little one. So don’t be afraid to get creative when choosing toys, and remember that the best toy is the one that your little one loves the most!”


What types of toys are suitable for 1 year olds?
Toys that are suitable for 1 year olds include puzzles and board games, building blocks, shape sorters, ride-on toys, dolls, and stuffed animals.


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